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Experience world-class drug and alcoholism treatment at The Bridges of San Diego.

At The Bridges, we believe that addiction is a progressive disease - a disease that can be treated!


Intensive Outpatient Program for Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

Is Drug Addiction or Alcoholism ruining your life?  



How many times have you lost something due to your addiction?  From relationships to employment, possessions, your health, your freedom, and even your own self-respect... alcoholism and drug abuse will take it all.  The real question is, how much more are you willing to lose - how much more of your life are you willing to give up?  At what point do you decide that enough is enough?... that you will finally take a stand against the things that are stealing joy, love, and hope for a fulfilling future?

At the Bridges of San Diego, we are here to help you take that stand, to take that first, critical step.  We know what you have lost and we are here to help you get it back!  We believe that alcoholism is a complex disease of the brain and that substance abuse affects not only the addicted individual, but their family, and literally every aspect of life. Although there is no known cure for the progressive disease of addiction, it is absolutely treatable.

The Bridges of San Diego's world-class Intensive Outpatient Program offers treatment for all types of drug addictions and alcoholism, with proven long-term recovery results.  Our caring and compassionate treatment team will work with you in a group environment, or on an individual basis over a six week period, with day and evening appointment times available for your convenience.  And we are centrally located - located in La Mesa, just a few miles from downtown San Diego and the beaches!

Our team can help you to get your life back, but first you must believe and admit that the addiction you are struggling with is real and that this problem will not go away on its own.  Take that bold step toward a new, sober life by contacting us today.  Our representatives are standing by, ready to take your call.  A whole new life is waiting for you - a life that just may be, closer than you think.

Our Programs


Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program assists individuals with recognizing the negative consequences related to substance abuse and alcoholism.  Our IOP provides support and healthy solutions with an appropriate action plan for each individual. Intensive outpatient group counseling sessions are conducted for a minimum six week period, three times per week. Individual counseling sessions are offered as needed.

Family Support Program

The Bridges Family Support Program is geared to help family members experiencing anger, guilt, shame and co-dependency and establish a tough love approach. Family services include individual and group counseling for a minimum of eight weeks, two days per week. We emphasize and encourage 12 step meetings.

Chronic Relapse Program

Our chronic relapse clients are counseled in separate groups from those who are in treatment for the first time. This program consists of individual and group sessions for twelve weeks, three times per week. It also includes continuing care maintenance for six months to one year after the initial program has been completed.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The Bridges of San Diego also provides a comprehensive, short-term, intensive clinical treatment program known as Partial Hospitalization.  Our Partial Hospitalization Program enables individuals to live at home while receiving treatment at our center, five days per week. 

3 Steps to Change your Life



Simply give us a call to begin the process.  Your confidential discussion should take no longer than 15 minutes.




In addition to taking all major credit cards, we also work with all major health insurance carriers.  Financing is also available.



Sit down with one of our seasoned counselors for a face-to-face assessment.  Once your assessment is complete, schedule your first session.


Our Facility

At The Bridges of San Diego, we understand that dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction is hard enough! We realize that a soothing, comfortable environment is a key element in the sobriety process, which is why we have gone through great effort to create the ideal recovery setting for those who are struggle with substance abuse. Whether you are just leaving rehab for drugs or alcohol addiction, or are just beginning your journey towards the new and wonderful world of sobriety, know that our drug treatment centers in San Diego will always be warm and inviting.  And we are conveniently located too - perfect for those in the El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Lakeside, and City of San Diego areas!

We Are Joint Commission Accredited

Accreditation by the Joint Commission is considered the gold standard in health care!

The Bridges of San Diego prides itself on delivering the very best experience for those who struggle with alcoholism or substance abuse, and our Joint Commission accreditation reflects our passion for delivering the very best addiction outpatient programs in San Diego.  So who is The Joint Commission and what does it mean to be accredited?  The Joint Commission accredits more than 20,500 organizations across the globe, and focuses on continually improving health care by setting the highest standards for health care quality throughout the world - it means that our facility has voluntarily undergone a thorough evaluation and that The Bridges of San Diego has made additional effort to review and improve the key areas that can affect the overall quality and safety of your care.  For those struggling with alcoholism, prescription opiates such as oxycodone and fentanyl, or stimulants such as meth and cocaine, know that you are in excellent hands - the quality of your care will always be at the forefront of our business.

Affordable Treatment Options

Most don't realize it, but of The Bridges of San Diego's outpatient alcoholism and drug treatment programs might be much more affordable than you think! We work with your insurance provider, significantly reducing or eliminating any out-of-pocket expense.

Don't let lack of insurance get in your way of getting sober - we also accept all major credit cards.

Get in trouble and need take our Alternative Sentencing Program, but don't have credit or insurance? We can help to setup financing for any of our life changing substance abuse treatments.