Aftercare Alumni Program

The AKUA Mind & Body family is extremely proud of our clients who successfully complete our program. We have every reason to celebrate. However, road to recovery doesn’t end with their discharge, nor does our treatment. We firmly believe it is important for those who complete any of our programs to stay connected with the AKUA family for a lifetime. Aftercare is an extremely important part of sustained recovery. Our Aftercare Alumni Program is comprised of individuals who constantly support growth through recovery.This is done by maintaining connection and activity with a recovery community at our facility. Clients can participate in our Alumni Program free of charge. They will gain access to a network of former graduates and other like-minded individuals who empower each other to stay on the path of healthy recovery.

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Benefits of our
Aftercare Alumni Program:

Learn Relapse Prevention Skills

Each client leaves AKUA Mind & Body with a customized post-treatment plan, that help learn essential relapse prevention skills. This plan features daily tips and reminders through our AKUA Alumni App, as well as a directory of personalized clinical and technological resources that will help to maintain sobriety.

Weekly Alumni Meetings

All our Alumni actively participate and attend our Weekly Alumni Meetings where we celebrate each client’s milestone, encourage peer support, plan social events and retreats. These weekly meetings also give our Alumni an opportunity to mentor clients presently in treatment with us. Our Alumni get to lead the group, talk about their journey, listen and offer support to those struggling. Our weekly meetings serve as ongoing, indefinite process that help our clients maintain sobriety after finishing treatment with us.


AKUA Mind &
Body Treatment Program

The AKUA Mind & Body Alumni Program establishes a social support network of recovering people and provides structure to help sustain emotional, physical and mental wellbeing following treatment.

The Alumni Programs’ mission is to extend the AKUA Behavioral Health program beyond treatment by creating events and providing resources to strengthen the sense of connection that is essential to long-term recovery.

AKUA Mind & Body’s goal is to be with clients through every step of the journey. We conduct weekly alumni meetings as well as exciting events that prove joy and fun is possible in recovery. We also offer aid and useful information through our private Alumni-only App, social media page, as well as real-time support through our 24-hour helpline.

Our Alumni coordinators are in charge of planning sober events for members. They also keep in touch with our clients via our proprietary App, through email, text, or phone to frequently check-in to ensure that clients are on the right track, and to offer guidance as part of the aftercare

Our groups address the following topics:

  • Education on the disease of addiction with evidence based scientific facts
  • The meaning of Dual Diagnosis and underlying causes behind addiction
  • Mental health issues contributing to addiction
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Relapse prevention
  • Emotional Support
  • Spiritual development
  • Social interaction
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Self-esteem building
  • Creating healthy habits and lifestyle
  • 12 Step based program
  • Recovery Skills


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