Can You Get Alcohol Treatment in San Diego?

alcohol treatment San Diego

Alcohol addiction affects more people each year than you might realize. Because drinking itself isn’t illegal, it’s easier for individuals to overconsume alcohol and become addicted without even recognizing it. But once you do recognize alcohol addiction, you can begin to seek alcohol treatment in San Diego. Treatment for addictions has come a long way in recent years. Alcohol treatment programs are now much more effective, compassionate, and flexible. By focusing on educational programs backed by science, treatment centers can help you find healthy ways to overcome your alcohol addiction.

Do You Have an Alcohol Addiction?

In order to get alcohol treatment, you need an addiction to treat. It’s not always easy to recognize addiction in ourselves. But there are some symptoms you can look for that could point to an alcohol addiction. These symptoms include:

  • The inability to limit alcohol consumption, despite a desire to do so
  • Spending more and more time drinking and recovering from alcohol use 
  • Feeling strong urges and cravings for alcohol throughout the day/night
  • Failing to meet family or work obligations due to alcohol consumption
  • Reducing social activities or time spent with hobbies in order to consume alcohol
  • Using alcohol in unsafe situations, such as while driving
  • Developing a tolerance for alcohol, requiring greater alcohol consumption to feel the effects
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not consuming alcohol

If you do notice any of those symptoms in your life, then it may be time to seek alcohol treatment in San Diego. Recognizing and admitting you have a problem is the first step toward building a better, healthier life for yourself.

Court Ordered Alcohol Treatment in San Diego

If you get into legal trouble because of an alcohol addiction, one consequence could be court ordered rehab. But you can’t just go to any alcohol treatment center to complete your order. You need a center that is qualified and licensed for the job. Only by attending a treatment center approved for court ordered rehab can you fulfill your obligations and better your record.

The Cost of Alcohol Treatment in San Diego

Like most intensive treatment options, addiction treatment isn’t always cheap, especially if you want to ensure it’s done properly. Everything from hiring the best experts in addiction treatment to ensuring a treatment center is stocked with withdrawal fighting equipment and medication can drive the price of treatment up. But you can’t let that deter you from seeking help.

Many insurance companies do cover some, if not all, of the cost of alcohol treatment. Each policy is different, however, and it’s crucial that you understand how yours works. Some may only cover treatment for the first visit, while others may cover any number of visits but only at a reduced percentage. If you’re unsure what coverage you have, you can contact your insurance company or ask your treatment center.

If you don’t have insurance or it doesn’t cover the cost of treatment, that’s still no cause for worry. Treatment centers in San Diego want to help you overcome your addiction and will work with you to get you into treatment. This could mean helping you set up a payment plan rather than paying for treatment all at once. Many organizations also offer treatment scholarships that your center can help you apply for to cover the cost of their programs.

alcohol treatment San Diego

What to Look for in a Good Treatment Center

When it’s time to seek treatment for alcohol addiction, you want to make sure you find a treatment center and program that’s going to work for you. There are many different alcohol treatment centers in San Diego, but not all of them will be effective. When researching treatment centers, look for the following features.

Flexible Scheduling

Addiction treatment takes a while to take effect, and many programs last a few weeks. But you can’t just stop working, going to class, or taking care of your family. Finding a treatment center with day and evening classes that allows you to fit treatment around your schedule is key to finding a successful treatment plan.

Additional Benefits

Outside of the program itself, a good treatment center will also offer other benefits. For example, once you’re finished with a program, it’s easy to feel lost or alone, especially without a good home support system. However, many treatment centers offer an alumni program. By enrolling, you can stay in contact with your peers and treatment team to gain valuable support as you work on maintaining sobriety.

Program Variety

Everyone is made differently, and each individual will react to different treatment programs differently as well. The more programs a treatment center offers, the better the odds are of finding one that works well for you. For example, those who suffer from chronic relapse will see greater success from a program that focuses on the struggles of maintaining sobriety, whereas someone who suffers from withdrawal symptoms may find better treatment in a partial hospitalization program. Finding a treatment center that offers a variety of programs can help you have better success moving forward.

Get Alcohol Treatment in San Diego Today

If you suffer from alcohol addiction, you don’t have to face it alone. At The Bridges of San Diego, we believe everyone deserves the chance to brighten their futures and better their health. Our options for alcohol treatment in San Diego have helped individuals understand their addiction and create healthy coping mechanisms. And we can help you, too. Give us a call today at 619-639-1458 to learn more about our addiction programs and financial assistance.