Chronic Relapse Program

At The Bridges of San Diego, we realize the power of addiction - we understand that when dealing with substance use disorders like prescription drug abuse and alcoholism, that relapse is always a possibility for a person in recovery.  For some, getting sober may very well be the biggest hurdle to overcome in their life.  However, the challenges of addiction don't just stop once a person has achieved sobriety - the real challenge in the cycle of addiction and recovery is in maintaining one's sobriety throughout their lifetime.  Chronic drug and alcohol relapse is the continuous cycle of addiction, to sobriety, and eventually relapsing back into addiction.  Individuals that continue to relapse may achieve sobriety for years, only to fall back into drug and alcohol use and addiction.  Our Chronic Relapse Program was specifically created for individuals that have struggled to stay sober, despite receiving alcohol and drug treatment in the past.  Our chronic relapse clients are counseled in separate groups from those who are in treatment for their first time, for a period of twelve weeks, three times per week.  This program consists of both individual and group sessions and includes continuing care maintenance for six months to one year, after the program has been completed.