Day or Evening Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

We believe addiction is a progressive disease, and while there is no cure, we know that with the right therapies, we can successfully treat it.


Our clinically trained staff members at The Bridges of San Diego recognize that treatments for drug and alcohol addiction are not one size fits all. At The Bridges of San Diego, we offer a world class day or evening Intensive Outpatient Program for drug and alcohol addictions with evidence based recovery results.

Our Program

Centrally located in La Mesa, just a few miles from beautiful downtown San Diego and the beaches, we created a warm and inviting facility with your rehabilitation and recovery in mind. Our safe and positive spaces are the ideal place to continue your journey toward sobriety.


Specifically designed for individuals transitioning out of inpatient rehab, or those looking for severe drug and alcohol treatment but who are not able to take time away from work and family, our caring and compassionate team will work with you in a group environment or on an individual basis with day and evening appointment times available for your convenience.


The most successful treatment plans are individualized, client-centered, and consistent. Let’s work together to find a plan that best suits your unique needs.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

The Bridges of San Diego IOP provides support and healthy solutions with an appropriate and unique action plan for each individual. Intensive

outpatient group counseling sessions are conducted for a minimum of six weeks. We offer individual counseling sessions as needed.

  • Family Support

Family support is geared to help family members experiencing anger, guilt, shame, and codependency. Family services include individual and group counseling.

  • Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is a comprehensive, intensive clinical treatment that enables individuals to live at home while receiving treatment at our addiction treatment center five days or nights a week.

Benefits of Outpatient Care

In-patient facilities are often out of reach for individuals looking to fight their addictions, either logistically or financially. Outpatient treatment is a real solution for people who need help but can’t participate in an in-patient program.


One of the essential benefits of outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction is the significantly lower outpatient care cost. In-patient treatment programs can be costly. Outpatient treatment centers offer an alternative.


Not all patients have the freedom and flexibility to take extended leave for treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment plans fill a need for individuals committed to recovery without the added burden of taking time off from work and family commitments.

Our Plan for Recovery

We work together to devise the best plan for your recovery. Most outpatient treatment plans entail a commitment of attendance five days or nights a week. Our clinically trained staff works with you during that time in both group and individual counseling sessions, providing support, healthy solutions, and an appropriate and individualized action plan created with your recovery in mind.


Our outpatient treatment program may be more affordable than you think! Although we don’t accept MediCAL, we are in network with many major insurance providers to significantly reduce or eliminate any out-of-pocket expense. Also, we accept all PPO’s. We accept all major credit cards and, if necessary, work with you to set up the financing for your treatment plan.

First Steps

  • Call Us. The most critical step in your journey to wellness is to call us. Your confidential discussion with one of our team members will likely take no longer than 15 minutes. It can be quite possibly the most important 15 minutes of your life. Take that first step toward reclaiming your life today at 619-917-9577.

  • Verify Insurance. We are in-network with many major insurance providers and accept all PPO’s. We take all major credit cards. Financing is also available.

  • Assessment and Scheduling. Come in and tour our facility. Sit down with a Clinical Director for an evaluation. Once your evaluation is complete, schedule your first session. It’s that simple.

About Us

Our team of compassionate and caring professionals is experienced in addiction treatment. We work with you through every step of your recovery.


The Bridges of San Diego is The Joint Commission accredited, which means The Joint Commission has recognized our facility for our high standards of quality health care. The Joint Commission accredits organizations worldwide and sets continually improving health care standards to satisfy the accreditation process.


Contact us today to discuss starting your recovery program.