Do Rehab Centers in San Diego Work?

Addiction is a serious issue that many struggle with. Admitting you need help is an important first step, but finding the right help isn’t always easy. There are a lot of stigmas and negative beliefs about rehab centers. But rehab in San Diego is a powerful tool that can help you get your life back on track. With medical intervention and education based counseling, clients can find a deeper understanding of their addiction and learn healthy ways to cope with it in their life.

Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization

Everyone is unique, and no two individuals deal with addiction in the same way. Rehab centers aren’t just hospitals that require a full 48-72 or more hours’ stay to work. In fact, research has shown that full residence or inpatient programs aren’t as effective in the long term in treating addiction. San Diego rehab centers these days offer outpatient and partial hospitalization programs that are more beneficial.

In an outpatient program, clients spend three hours at the center, with either day or night hours available to accommodate everyone’s schedule. The time spent in the center revolves around group sessions and individual therapy with an evidence based educational approach. Partial hospitalization, on the other hand, has clients spend the full day at the center, after which they return to their homes or sober living environments. This option offers a more intensive approach that helps those struggling with addiction receive the additional care they need.

While it may seem like a full hospitalization stay is more beneficial initially, statistics show that around 50% of individuals still relapse. Being in a controlled environment makes it easy to stay away from drugs and alcohol, but returning to regular life creates additional challenges. By combining one’s normal routine with rehab counseling and education, individuals are able to maintain sobriety more efficiently.

Educational Approach

Rehab centers are not just places one can go for detoxing. At a rehab center in San Diego, you’ll learn more about your addiction and why it’s something you struggle with. Addiction is a medical affliction that makes your brain dependent on certain drugs to function. Understanding the underlying reasoning behind addiction is a key part of overcoming it. At your rehab center, you’ll participate in both individual therapy sessions and group education that will help you learn more about your brain chemistry.

Education goes beyond just understanding as well. Learning why you struggle with addiction is only half the battle. Rehab in San Diego also helps you learn healthy coping mechanisms and ways to overcome your addiction. Science based methods are devised for each individual in ways that will best serve them moving forward. And by being in an outpatient or partial hospitalization program, you get to start practicing these methods right away, with the safety net of your center’s support should you have any trouble.


Compassionate Care

It’s not easy to seek help, especially for addiction. So many people are quick to judge or punish someone for a medical condition they have no control over. At your rehab center, however, you’ll be treated with compassion and understanding. Every staff member is trained and educated in addiction treatment, and they understand what you’re going through and why you’re going through it. When you seek aid at a rehab center, you won’t be met with judgment, just the care you need to find ways to better your life.

Safe Environment

It’s not always easy to stay away from temptations, and it’s even harder to feel like you’re in a safe environment to talk about your addiction. At a rehab center, however, you can find both. Partial hospitalization and outpatient programs provide individuals with time in their day when they are safe from both drugs and negative reactions. Rehab centers are designed to be warm, comfortable, and inviting. You’ll find a place where you can relax, let go of your daily stress, and truly focus on improving your situation and getting better. With individual, group, and family counseling, you can feel safe and comfortable talking about what’s on your mind.

Program Length

Part of avoiding relapse is undergoing a full rehab program when you start out. Each program is designed for each individual, but a minimum of six weeks is often in place to help prevent future concerns. Six weeks of coaching, counseling, and learning helps individuals reinforce healthy habits and gives them the time they need to fully understand their addiction and the underlying causes of it. Shorter program lengths don’t necessarily have the time to ingrain all the information one needs to learn to lead a sober life. Without the proper time devoted to their case, individuals are much more likely to relapse in the future.

Rehab in San Diego

As an intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in San Diego, The Bridges of San Diego has continuously helped individuals overcome their addictions. We offer both intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs with day and night classes to meet every individual’s needs. We focus our programs around education and evidence, using research and science to help build better lives for everyone who walks through our doors. If you struggle with addiction but aren’t sure that rehab in San Diego can work for you, give us a call today at 858-245-4923 to discuss our treatment options. We’ll provide unparalleled compassion and support in helping you find, and maintain, sobriety.