Drug Rehab Options in San Diego

drug rehab San Diego

Addiction is a struggle that many around the world face. Until recently, it was a struggle that wasn’t fully understood. There weren’t many options for drug rehab in San Diego simply because treatment was seen as a “one size fits all” situation. But recent scientific discoveries have shown that people react to different treatments in varying ways. When you visit a drug rehab center in San Diego, you have the ability to choose between different programs, each designed to help you overcome your unique addiction challenges.

Understanding the different drug rehab options available is key to building the better, healthier future you deserve.

Types of Drug Rehab in San Diego

There are three main types of drug rehab in San Diego that you can choose from. Each has varying hours and sessions designed to treat different types of addiction. When you first visit your treatment center, you’ll meet with a medical professional to discuss your challenges and determine which drug rehab program is right for you.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Studies have proven that full hospitalization programs, while effective in reaching sobriety, have higher relapse rates than any other program. But there are still some individuals who need extra care and attention when going through treatment. Partial hospitalization programs are designed with these people in mind.

In a partial hospitalization program, individuals spend their days at the treatment center, undergoing two different three-hour segments of therapy and group education. Staying at the treatment center allows these individuals access to medical staff and personnel who can help with excessive withdrawal symptoms and other challenges. Once their sessions are over, individuals return to their homes or sober living environments to put what they learned into practice.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Seeking treatment for drug addiction is an important step in building a better future. But some treatment options make it impossible to maintain your daily life. Intensive outpatient programs were designed to help busy adults stay on top of their schedules while still seeking treatment. The three-hour sessions are offered both during the day and in the early evening. This allows individuals to continue going to work, attending classes, and taking care of their families.

While the intensive outpatient program doesn’t require the individual to stay at the treatment center during the day, individuals are still able to make full use of the facilities offered. Counseling sessions and additional medical support are available as needed. With the added flexibility of mixing and matching day/evening classes, each individual can create a unique schedule that perfectly fits their needs.

Chronic Relapse Programs

Relapse is an unfortunate possibility for anyone who struggles with addiction. Even with the best treatment options available, many still struggle to maintain sobriety in their daily lives. For these individuals, specific chronic relapse programs are available. These programs focus on the challenges of maintaining sobriety outside of treatment. The sessions are held separately from other treatment programs. This allows a greater focus on how individuals can avoid relapse in the future.

Once an individual has completed the chronic relapse program, they are then enrolled in a continuing care program for at least six months. This program offers additional support as individuals learn to survive in their regular lives without turning to drugs or alcohol to cope. While relapse is still possible, the continuing care program helps drastically lower the odds.

Additional Rehab Center Support

Outside of the three options for drug rehab in San Diego, many treatment centers also offer additional support programs. 

Friends and Family Support Groups

Watching someone you love suffer through addiction or struggle with treatment isn’t easy. But it’s important to understand how you can support them without taking away from your own mental health or needs. Friends and family support groups are specifically designed to help you find some peace of mind while supporting them through this difficult time in their lives. Even if someone you love is not in treatment at the treatment center, you can still take advantage of the support groups to learn how best to handle yourself in these situations.

drug rehab San Diego

Alumni Programs

Going through treatment can be an emotional experience, and it’s likely that individuals will form strong bonds and attachments to the treatment center, staff, and fellow program graduates. Finishing treatment doesn’t mean that your story is over, and alumni programs can help you maintain those connections. 

After completing any of the drug rehab programs at your treatment center, you’ll be enrolled in the alumni program. This program can help you stay in contact with friends. You can also continue to receive support from your team of mental health professionals. It’s not as consistent as the continuing care program. However, the alumni program does help individuals maintain their sobriety.

Where to Find Drug Rehab in San Diego

If you struggle with drug addiction, know that you are not alone. Many across the world face the daily struggles of reaching or maintaining sobriety. While drug rehab in San Diego hasn’t always been able to support them properly, The Bridges of San Diego is facing the problem. With our educational approach backed by science, we’re helping more individuals reach sobriety and stay sober as they go on to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Whether it’s your first or your fifth time going through treatment, we treat everyone who walks through our doors with compassion and respect. Our goal is to help you find the best path through treatment. Call us today at (619) 639-1458 to schedule an assessment meeting. We can help you learn which drug rehab option is best for you.