Family Support Program

The power of drug and alcohol addiction can be so overwhelming, that it can literally tear entire families apart.  When one member of the family is struggling with substance use disorders such as methamphetamine abuse, opiate addiction or alcoholism, often the entire family is suffering as a result.  Feelings of anger, resentment, hopelessness, sadness, and regret are often experienced by family members that have to watch a loved one suffer from the crushing effects of alcohol and drug addiction.  As many of us already know, the power and love of family can be one of the greatest forces in one's life.  The same is true for those that are going through addiction treatment - clinical research has proven that treatments for substance use disorders are far more effective when family members are actively engaging in the overall recovery process.  The Family Support Program at The Bridges of San Diego was specifically developed to assist family members with the myriad of feelings that are experienced as a result of a loved ones alcohol or drug addiction.  During this program, we help loved ones examine their own emotions, develop a tough love approach, as well as providing the tools necessary to assist their addicted family member through the cycle of recovery.  Our Family Support Program includes individual and group counseling for a minimum of eight weeks, two days per week.