How Does Addiction Treatment in San Diego Work?

addiction treatment San Diego

Addiction to alcohol or drugs can be debilitating. And many don’t seek treatment for fear of the unknown or unrealistic stereotypes shown in entertainment. But addiction treatment in San Diego has grown dramatically in the last few years. As the understanding behind addiction continues to improve, so do the methods employed to help people overcome their addictions. If you’re nervous about seeking treatment for yourself, understanding how it works can help ease trepidation and encourage you to pursue the healthy future you deserve.

Types of Addiction Treatment in San Diego

The first thing to know about addiction treatment in San Diego is that there are many different programs you can enroll in. Treatment isn’t the same as rehab, and the most successful programs don’t require you to stay at the treatment center for the entire duration of your treatment. Because of this, addiction treatment programs are longer overall but have longer lasting benefits as well. 

Outpatient Programs

Many individuals find great success in outpatient addiction treatment programs. An outpatient program lasts around five to six weeks and requires three to five sessions each week. Sessions run for three hours and are offered both during the day and in the early evening. You can mix and match which sessions you go to to help fit into your daily schedule. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Most medical professionals agree that addiction treatment is more successful for long term sobriety if individuals spend more time at home or in their sober living environments. However, some people need additional help in their journey. A partial hospitalization program provides that extra support while still letting individuals return home at the end of the day. These programs also last five to six weeks, but instead of one session a day, individuals participate in two sessions, each three hours long. The additional time spent at the treatment center can help those who suffer from harsh withdrawal symptoms or who don’t have a strong support group at home.

Chronic Relapse Programs

While outpatient and partial hospitalization programs focus on how to achieve sobriety, many still struggle to maintain it. While one or two relapses are expected in most cases, those who continue to relapse often need additional help to stay sober. A chronic relapse program runs separately from other programs. As such, each session can focus on the struggles of maintaining sobriety. Once the program is complete, individuals are enrolled in an aftercare program that lasts from six months to a year. This additional support after the program is over can help individuals stay connected to the treatment center and stay on track as they live the healthy life of their dreams.

The Benefits of Modern Addiction Treatment in San Diego

addiction treatment San Diego

Addiction wasn’t always understood, and treatment was often ineffective and sometimes traumatic. But new advances in science and mental health have helped improve treatment options. Addiction is now treated like the mental health issue it is, and treatment has shifted to accommodate this new perspective. When you seek addiction treatment in San Diego, you can reap wonderful benefits that go beyond just achieving sobriety.

Support for Friends and Family

When someone is addicted to alcohol or drugs, they aren’t the only ones who suffer. Many friends and family members struggle alongside their loved ones as addiction takes control. But addiction treatment centers aren’t just for those who suffer from addiction. Support groups for friends and family members are also available, even if their loved one isn’t actively in treatment. These support groups help individuals learn how to support their loved ones through treatment while protecting themselves as well.

Co-Occurring Treatment

While addiction itself is a mental health disorder, it’s often not alone. Many individuals who suffer from other mental health conditions, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post traumatic stress, turn to alcohol and drugs as a form of self medication. Undiagnosed mental disorders are a leading cause of many addiction cases. While treating the addiction itself can be beneficial, other medical issues are still there. Modern addiction treatment programs focus on the underlying cause behind addiction and help individuals find healthy coping mechanisms for the future.

Alumni Programs

While chronic relapse programs offer an extended aftercare program, every program in an addiction treatment center has an alumni program for all who finish their treatment. This program allows individuals to continue to stay in touch with the treatment center and the support group they’ve built there. Both the other members of their program and the medical staff can provide additional benefits once treatment is over, and having a way to stay connected can help make building a better future even easier as time goes on.

No Judgment

Before addiction was fully understood, it was common for many, even on a treatment team, to judge those who suffered from it. Even today, many who don’t know the reason behind addiction easily turn to judgment. But at an addiction treatment center in San Diego, you’ll find nothing but understanding and compassion. Your treatment team will understand exactly what you’re going through, and they’ll work hard to help support your journey with care as you work toward sobriety.

Where to Find Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Fear of the unknown can make seeking addiction treatment difficult. But with the knowledge of what to expect, you can see the benefits of addiction treatment in San Diego. If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey, contact The Bridges of San Diego today to set up your initial assessment appointment. During this meeting, your treatment team will help you determine which program is right for your treatment and will set up a schedule that matches your lifestyle. Call us today at 619-639-1458 to start your journey toward sobriety.