How to Know When It’s Time to Seek Addiction Treatment

Addiction to any substance can be a major challenge in life to handle. What starts out as a simple recreational activity or self medication can quickly turn into an uncontrollable situation. Admitting you need help is always the first step. However, knowing exactly when to admit you need help is never easy. Substance abuse treatments have a history of being less than helpful, and it’s easy to see why the stigma around them makes some people shy away. But new mentalities and understandings about substance abuse have made treatments more open and more effective. If you or someone you love suffers from these signs of addiction, it’s time to consider treatment options.

Causing Physical Harm

Addictive substances can cause serious physical harm to the user. Substances can affect your vision, hearing, reflex time, and even your perception of the world around you. When under the influence of certain drugs or alcohol, you’re more likely to make costly mistakes. These mistakes often wind up doing more damage to innocent bystanders than they do to the users themselves. Substances can also affect emotional control, causing users to get highly agitated or upset, leading to cases of physical abuse or fights.These substances also create harmful effects on the user’s body. Depending on what substance is being used, you could be suffering from any of the following symptoms:

-Difficulty digesting food

-Liver failure

-Kidney failure

-Bloodshot eyes

-Skin discoloration

-Breathing irregularitiesSubstances can cause numerous side effects that will damage your health if not taken care of swiftly. If you or your loved one is suffering from health issues, it could be a sign that it’s time to seek substance abuse treatment.

Creating Severe Consequences

Substance abuse can lead to serious consequences that could have otherwise been avoided. Not only can substances cause physical damage, but they can also create emotional harm and other lifelong impacts. Under the influence of certain substances, you may not be able to concentrate efficiently. This can lead to poor work and school performance. Given enough time, substance abuse can result in being fired or expelled.More severely, substance abuse can seriously affect relationships. When under the influence, it becomes more difficult for one to maintain romances and friendships, leading to the end of several relationships. Substance abuse can also create problems when it comes to caring for someone else. Parents could find their children suffering or even taken away if they allow their addiction to continue.Although these consequences can be devastating, they are sometimes the ‘rock bottom’ point someone needs to understand that they need help. If substance abuse has led to someone’s life falling apart, it’s a sure sign they should consider seeking treatment.

True Addiction

Becoming truly addicted to a substance means that your entire life begins to revolve around it. Most of your ordinary daily actions and choices will begin to mold towards substance use. You could find that your friend group has been replaced by only those who share the same substance use as you. You may start leaving work or school early or coming in late in order to have more time to use your chosen substance. Your downtime could be spent figuring out how you’re going to find and pay for your next use.

When your life starts revolving around your addiction, you begin to lose the parts of it that were meaningful to you. Hobbies no longer hold your interest. Parties you once enjoyed become time traps with people you no longer like. Family and friend gatherings are events to be avoided for fear of judgment. If you find yourself spending the majority of your time thinking about your next use, it’s time to admit that you need help.

Need For Third Party Assistance

Recognizing you have a problem and deciding to take steps to rectify that is the biggest and most important part of addiction treatment. However, there aren’t many people in the world that can tackle this problem on their own. This has nothing to do with one’s willpower or desire to overcome. Addictive substances are designed to be nearly impossible to avoid once you’ve become addicted. Once the substance has been ingrained in your brain, you’ll likely need the help of a third party to overcome the addiction.

Some people have a strong friend or family support system that will help them. But even then, the effects of withdrawal can be painful to suffer without the proper treatment. Substance abuse treatment centers were created to help provide treatment options to those suffering from addiction. They have the right staff and medical equipment to help someone overcome their addiction while making the withdrawal processes as comfortable as currently possible.

If you suffer from substance addiction, admitting that you need help is a big step forward in getting your life back. At The Bridges of San Diego, we believe in judgment free substance use disorder treatments that will help you get back on your feet. Our modern treatment center is designed to help you feel comfortable and safe, so your treatment can be effective. We keep our staff up to date and trained in the latest substance use disorder treatments. If you are ready to seek treatment and take control of your life again, give us a call at 619-330-0037.