Navigating Alcohol Recovery: San Diego’s Treatment Landscape

alcohol treatment San Diego

Alcohol addiction can keep people in shackles for years of their lives. The causes and effects of this disease can be deceiving and leave people unsure of how to overcome it. Facing the damage from a battle with alcohol is a daunting but crucial first step to a life of freedom. After realizing that you or a loved one might struggle with alcohol addiction, you may feel directionless on what your next step should be. Understanding how alcohol treatment in San Diego operates will give you hope that there is something available for anyone struggling with alcohol addiction. 

Alcohol Treatment Options in San Diego 

Because the struggle with alcohol can be so personal, there are multiple approaches that target the unique triggers and underlying issues in overcoming addiction. Finding a treatment center that values every step of this process is crucial. With the different stages of alcohol addiction come different methods to tackle it, and no single case should be overlooked. You can meet with a treatment coordinator to decide which method aligns best with your goals as you find your path to sobriety. 

Intensive Outpatient Program 

The intensive outpatient program in San Diego is designed with working individuals in mind. The flexible schedule and structure of the outpatient program provide an option for you to seek the help you need while also living your everyday life. 

With the commitment of coming to the treatment center three times a week for six weeks, the individual will be given the needed help to untangle the grip of alcohol and live out sobriety practically in their regular home and work environments. Classes are held for three hours a day and are offered in the daytime or the evening. You can choose which time works best for you depending on your schedule.

Partial Hospitalization 

For those who struggle more severely with the battle against alcohol, a partial hospitalization program may be more beneficial. This program offers a more intentional focus on the medical and emotional needs that may make someone more prone to relapse. Individuals can engage in focused therapy and practices throughout the day and then return home in the evenings. With this program occurring five days per week, there is a lasting commitment to implement daily skills that will help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their treatment. 

Chronic Relapse Program 

Considering the lengths it takes for anyone to overcome an addiction, relapsing can bring a detrimental amount of shame that can keep addicts in a hopeless spiral. When someone finds themselves falling back into their addiction repeatedly, this treatment program offers a place where they can find the accountability to recover. To provide the proper care to an individual who may be experiencing the frustration of a relapse, this program is offered separately from an outpatient program and partial hospitalization. Within this structure, the patient is given the time to focus individually on the challenges of pursuing a sober life amidst tempting environments and old behavior patterns. Through individual and group meetings 3 times a week for 12 weeks, individuals have the space to bring their addiction to light and find practical methods to heal the internal wounds leading them to relapse.


alcohol treatment San Diego

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Psychological Advances to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in awareness of the correlation between addiction and mental health. With this heightened awareness has come a larger importance placed on therapy methods and practices used to help harmful thought patterns heal from negative to positive. When an alcohol treatment in San Diego can change negative solidified beliefs about an individual, their behavior will start to change for the better. 


When there is more than one underlying mental health condition contributing to an addiction, it is called co-occurrence. The inability to see how behavior connects to another condition such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, or trauma can cause them to stumble further down the hole of destructive alcoholic abuse. Treatment like this separates a mental health condition from an addiction and serves as one further step to a life of not just stability but also a heightened emotional awareness. Gaining these positive tools to cope with the underlying conditions influencing addiction will lead you to healthier behavior. 

Extended Support Throughout Recovery 

Family Support Program 

Addiction never solely impacts the addict. Watching someone you care about collapse into destructive behavior surrounding alcohol can bring up feelings of confusion, guilt, anger, resentment, and anxiety that all affect your everyday life. It can be easy to succumb to false beliefs that it is your fault or that you are responsible, which can be a heavy burden to carry. Alcohol treatment in San Diego extends the support that family and friends need while their loved one undergoes the necessary treatment to heal from their addiction. 

Alumni Programs

The road to recovery is long and hard. Gaining control over an addiction warrants celebration and should be supported for long term success. To maintain a solid path to sobriety, many centers offer alumni programs for those who have worked through their given treatments. These programs invite those who once struggled into a space of encouragement to grow alongside others who have fought similar battles. Having a strong community of like minded individuals is shown to decrease the chances of relapse in the future. 

Where to Find Alcohol Treatment in San Diego 

Moving forward in your recovery process can be overwhelming. The next best step is deciding on an alcohol treatment center in San Diego that supports you or your loved one while you navigate through the ups and downs of alcohol addiction. At The Bridges of San Diego, we offer the immediate support needed to guide you through this process. To schedule an assessment and take the next step, call us today at 619-639-1458.