Opting for Outpatient: San Diego’s Intensive Outpatient Program

intensive outpatient program San Diego

Drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult to overcome, especially when working alone. Most people who suffer from addiction rely on strong support groups to help them achieve and maintain sobriety. But not everyone in your life is going to understand your struggles or have the experience and tools needed to support your journey. An intensive outpatient program in San Diego can help you understand your addiction and find healthy coping mechanisms as you move forward. While there are other options available, such as hospitalization, most patients tend to have greater success with an intensive outpatient program.

The Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program in San Diego

Choosing to get help for your addiction is an important first step in reaching sobriety. But with all the different sources of help available, it can be hard to know what’s best for you. Traditional addiction treatment programs relied on strict detoxing, isolation, and guilt or shame to treat addiction. But our understanding of addiction has grown thanks to scientific research and advances. Now, most treatment centers offer intensive outpatient programs that provide a host of benefits for overcoming addiction.

Long Term Care

Addiction isn’t something that you can just spend a weekend on and then suddenly be cured of. It’s a deeper issue that can continue to return and cause complications. While detoxing can be a good way to start your rehabilitation, it isn’t the only step. Once you are clean or are working on getting clean, education and repetition are key to helping you maintain your sobriety. An intensive outpatient program lasts a few weeks, and you’ll attend sessions three to five times a week. These three-hour sessions help you truly understand your addiction and build up a healthy mindset that can carry you into an even healthier future.

Maintaining Daily Schedule

Although true rehabilitation can take a long time to accomplish, you can’t just ignore the rest of your life. While achieving sobriety is important, it won’t necessarily help you if you lose your job, have to drop out of school, or miss out on important family events. Intensive outpatient programs provide flexible scheduling that can help you maintain your daily schedule. Sessions are offered both during the day and in the early evening. You can mix and match as needed to help ensure your daily life and routine are still taken care of while you work on bettering yourself.

Providing a Strong Support Group

When you go to a treatment center, you’re often encouraged to interact with your treatment team and your peers. Most sessions are in groups, focusing on education and community building. Many people who struggle with addiction don’t have a strong support group outside of their treatment center. But having people you can talk to about your issues without judgment and whom you can rely on in moments of crisis can greatly improve your sobriety journey. Intensive outpatient programs allow ample opportunity for you to support others and be supported yourself as you continue to strive for the healthy future you deserve. Many individuals walk away from a treatment program with lifelong friends.

intensive outpatient program San Diego

Alumni Programs and Continuing Care

After an intensive program is over, it can be easy to feel like something is missing in your life. Not having constant access to support or stability can often make maintaining sobriety a little more difficult. That’s why most treatment centers offer alumni programs and other continuing care. These programs allow individuals to maintain contact with their treatment team and peers through online messages and events. By having that extra support moving forward, many people continue to stay sober and improve their lives.

A Deeper Understanding of Addiction

Intensive outpatient programs are designed around education backed by science. There are plenty of reasons someone might suffer from addiction. These reasons can range from a genetic predisposition to an underlying mental health disorder. Knowing where your addiction comes from can be crucial in helping you find ways to overcome it. During your group sessions, you can examine your own actions and patterns to help get a deeper understanding of your addiction. And once you know where the main point of struggle is, you can better guide your treatment for higher success.

Recognizing Triggers

One of the main benefits of an intensive outpatient program is being able to identify and discuss potential triggers. By maintaining your regular routine and returning to your home or sober living environment daily, you can see what situations cause you to want to give in to addiction. It could be certain activities that remind you of use or even certain people who encourage use. By identifying these triggers, you can bring them up during your sessions. This allows you to take control of your treatment and focus on the specific challenges you face. In doing so, most individuals experience a lower risk of relapse once their program is complete. 

Where to Find an Intensive Outpatient Program in San Diego

If you struggle with addiction, you don’t have to struggle alone. At The Bridges of San Diego, we offer an intensive outpatient program in San Diego designed to help you overcome your addiction and maintain sobriety. We work with many insurance companies and can offer financial assistance to anyone who wants to improve their lives and build a healthier future. Call us today at (619) 639-1458 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and how they could help you.