Substance Abuse Recovery: San Diego’s Progressive Programs

substance abuse recovery

The peaks and valleys of substance abuse recovery can leave anybody feeling drained and with little direction. Without the right support program, it is easy to lose sight of the goal to live a life free of addiction. Seeking substance abuse treatment is the first step to a long but rewarding journey of growth, discipline and newfound community. With the variety of options offered in San Diego, you can be sure that there is one fit for your specific needs. 

Types of Substance Abuse Programs: Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Designed specifically for those transitioning out of an inpatient program or who have a busier schedule. This program offers the structure to help working people overcome their addiction. 
  • For a total of six weeks, clients will receive evidence based treatment while living at home with their familiar schedules. 
  • The individual may be enrolled for 3 or 5 days or nights per week, depending on their assessment. 
  • Individual counseling sessions are provided in each program, working with a therapist who will help navigate underlying patterns surrounding their addiction. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs 

  • This program is designed for individuals whose addiction requires a deeper level of care and monitoring but still provides flexibility. 
  • Patients will come 5 days per week for three-hour segments and then return to their homes or sober living environments.
  • Specialized therapy with individuals provides skills to handle deeper psychological needs in healthier ways. 
  • The Partial Hospitalization Program uses a 12 step model to process breaking the addiction. This includes recovery meetings to encourage patients to stay sober.


  • There are often cases that highlight a direct correlation between mental health and coping mechanisms with substance abuse. This program identifies this by working through different evidence based therapies to target the psychological issues that trigger addictive behavior. 
  • Common examples of co-occurring conditions include:
    • Alcohol addiction and depression 
    • Schizophrenia and substance use disorder
    • Anxiety disorder and drug addiction 
    • Learning disability and mental illness 
  • This program provides the space to uncover shame surrounding mental illness and heal from unhealthy coping mechanisms.

substance abuse recovery

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Aftercare Alumni Program 

  • For those who accomplish a substance abuse program, this program is designed to help maintain a sober life. 
  • The Alumni program offers a solid community of recovering addicts to encourage others in the adjustments to sobriety. 
  • Being a part of an alumni program offers patients the accountability to work through recovery. Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals will encourage you to keep moving forward as you navigate the peaks and valleys of sobriety. 

Family Support Program 

  • Experiencing the emotions surrounding a loved one with an addiction can be a struggle. Substance abuse treatment programs in San Diego offer family support to navigate family members through this hard time. 
  • Some common feelings that family members experience are anger, shame, codependency, and anxiety. It is also common to feel misplaced guilt when someone you love is struggling and it is out of your control.
  • This program offers services for family members to come two days per week for 8 weeks, embedding practical tools to help the healing process on both sides.

Chronic Relapse

  • Life to recovery is not easy, and many treatment programs acknowledge that by offering a Chronic Relapse Program. In this program, patients can find the help they need to recover from multiple instances of relapse. This can be discouraging for individuals, especially after being sober for a given amount of time. 
  • By attending this program 3 times a week for 12 weeks, individuals will be given the support needed to stabilize their new lifestyle. 
  • This program operates separately from other programs to allow patients the space to recover from times of relapse. Having the support to try again after relapsing is crucial on the road to recovery. 

Group Education and Counseling Sessions

  • Meeting with a group of people who all share a common struggle is a powerful tool for overcoming addiction. Group Education and Counseling Sessions work as an avenue for people to share their journey and see how others cope. This consistency of a group will fight against isolation and hold people accountable to keep trying. Social connectivity amongst people who have found recovery can also give those who are struggling hope for their future. 

Deciding Which Program Is Best for You 

With so many programs to choose from, it is important to know which one is best suited for your long term goals. The proper resources will allow you the guidance to find a treatment program that works best for you. Below are some things to consider as you search for your substance abuse treatment.

Treatment Staff

With the several areas of growth surrounding addictive behaviors, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Being able to trust the staff members leading you to your desired treatment spot is something to prioritize. Making sure they are a team with an educated background in helping others will give you more confidence to stick to an end goal.

Science Based Education 

If your program of choice is backed with evidence based education, you can have confidence that the foundation is solid and trustworthy. If a program is tested and tried to have lasting effects, its validity extends beyond just opinion and belief. Seeking this in your program is an important priority for finding the best one for you.

Start Your Road to Recovery in San Diego 

If any of these programs seem helpful to you or a loved one, The Bridges of San Diego is here for you. At our treatment center, we strive to provide services that will best push you toward a brighter and cleaner future. Because finding the right substance abuse treatment can seem like a daunting task, our team of experienced professionals delights in guiding you to where you belong. Give us a call today at 619-639-1458, and we will assist you with a quick initial assessment to get you started on the way to a better life.