What you need to know about Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs are man-made, created in a lab.  They are considered ’designer’ drugs as their ‘high’ is similar to more well-known drugs like Marijuana, Meth and even some forms of Opioids. Many synthetics are from other countries, like China and Mexico and can be purchased over the counter in places like gas stations and smoke shops. It’ s very difficult to monitor the effects of these drugs, as they are manufactured so frequently the drug testing kits aren’t even developed to detect them yet. New synthetic compounds are being created faster than they can be discovered and consequently make it difficult to be outlawed.

Synthetic Marijuana

Also referred to as ‘Spice’ - this synthetic drug is marketed as marijuana. The drug and the effects are not related to Cannabis.

 Names for Synthetic Marijuana:

Fake weed
Moon Rocks


Synthetic Stimulants

Synthetic stimulants contain what is referred to as a synthetic cathinone and has an ‘speed’ effect.

Bath Salts

Considered the most dangerous of synthetic drugs, these stimulants are often packaged in colored packages with labels that appeal to young people. Some common names are:

Cotton Cloud
Purple Wave
White Lightning
Vanilla Sky

 Bath Salts are consumed in many ways.  One way is to sprinkle it on Marijuana. Some inject it or take it rectally. 

 Bath Salts create a feeling of euphoria, heightened sociability and increased sex drive, as well as  hallucinations, paranoia, anger, destroys bodily tissues, kidney failure and death.


Esctasy is often referred to as a ‘club’ drug, also known as MDMA or ‘Molly’. Ecstasy is a stimulant and a hallucinogen. It is a crystalline type powder usually sold in capsules, but it can also be snorted. It is very popular in night clubs, concerts and Rave venues  for its sexual stimulation.

Ecstasy has the same hazards as other stimulants, but it is usually not sold in its purest form and is often mixed with drugs like Meth, Ephedrine, Ketamine, Cocaine and even 
Bath Salts.


Synthetic LSD


There are many Cases of youth having died from trying this drug only once. Responsible for many overdoses, synthetic LSD, better known as ‘N-Bomb’ or ‘Smiles’ is a phenethylamine, which affects dopamine and serotonin levels. This type of synthetic drug mimics the effects of LSD and causes hallucinations and paranoia.

Synthetic PCP

Methoxamine is also known as MXE, a synthetic compound that resembles the effects of PCP (phencyclidine) causing delusions, psychotic behavior and even temporary schizophrenia.