“A friend of mine clearly needed some help. She finally reached out and asked me if I would help her find a treatment program for drug and alcohol addictions. When we realized that sending her to rehab would cost gobs of money, we looked at outpatient programs. Thank God for The Bridges –

B. Langley
“I thank God for people like you. Your labor of love and kindness in helping others, that most of us consider to be a lost cause, has helped me to rethink how I see others who struggle with addictions and other defeating behaviors. You have proven that one can regain a life of

“Thank you Bridges, Dr. Profit, & Mrs. Jenni, without your constant reassurance & guidance, I don’t know where I would be today. You truly have a gift to help and encourage others. Thank you for your honesty, and sharing what you have been thru. It gave me hope to know that I wasn’t

Cookie J.

“First off, I was court ordered because of a DUI. I didn’t think I needed this.. however I quickly realized otherwise. I have a new awareness of my life & learned so many valuable lessons. I never would’ve imagined that an outpatient program would forever change my


“The Bridges of San Diego gave me the tools I needed to learn to live, and connected me with an amazing community of individuals that I’m proud to call my family. Today I have been sober 1 year and living up to my full potential! Thanks

“Coming into this program was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Being new to recovery, I was very hesitant and resistant to becoming a new person, sober and recovered. The counselors at The Bridges of San Diego were nothing but welcoming and encouraging through the whole process. It

“I just want to thank you again for helping me. I have not found it necessary to take a drink or do drugs since participating in your program. I have never felt better. My head is clear, and my heart is serene. My wife and I have nine years of marriage. We have

“I came to The Bridges of San Diego broken, embarrassed, ashamed, and so overwhelmed with the thought of getting clean and healthy. Dr. Profit, Jenni, Kai, Dave and Sara made me feel so welcomed and normal. Each one of them played a huge role in my rehab and helping me understand that I’m

“We, my wife and I, want to communicate our appreciation for the excellent resources and support we received from your program while struggling to help our son. Having contacted you in a state of crisis, we were surprised and so grateful that you were able to make the resource available to us in

John & Kathy
“I can’t say enough about this place. They not only saved my life but gave me my life, my son and motivation back. There’s so much more to recovery than just stopping whatever you’re doing. They dig deep and helped me recognize why I do what I do and how to avoid it

Mike W.
“The Bridges truly gave me the tools to help me recover from my dependence on alcohol and cocaine. I was a broken shell of a person and knew no way of living other than using drugs and alcohol. After detox & 3 months of inpatient, I spent 4 months in their Alumni house,

Kellie G.
“Finding Bridges was life-changing experience I have tried other treatment programs that were very generic pretty much just a script I found that the counselors at Bridges truly cared about me and help me identify things about myself that I never knew. I was able to receive very personalized care which led to

“I found Bridges at a time in my life when I had given up hope for recovery. I was addicted to various pain killers for over 10 years. I was surprised to find that the staff was kind and welcoming and gave me a sense they truly wanted to help. I felt there