Meet the Team

Sherry Roberts - Founder & CEO

Sherry founded, developed and operated four luxury sober living homes in the San Diego area, which included the acquisition of real estate, renovation of each property, and completed interior's to meet industry standards and requirements. Besides hiring and overseeing house managers, she also designed all marketing materials and website design.


In addition, Sherry assumed the role of Director of Marketing on a national level, networking and marketing to treatment facilities,

outpatient programs, mental health professionals, law enforcement, local narcotics task force and court systems, attorneys, as well as client development and community outreach. Interfacing with house managers and clients in crisis, resolving disputes or relapse, was an additional responsibility. Sherry’s creative marketing approach included hosting monthly events with guest speakers, bringing more notoriety to our facilities, as well as family gatherings, holiday dinners and celebrations for clients achieving sobriety goals.


Prior to The Bridges, Sherry worked for Dr. Nate Lowe at Nate Lowe and Associates and New Day Community Center Outpatient facility in San Diego. She assisted with design and creation of marketing materials, including website refreshing, editing Dr. Lowe’s many publications and books he authored. Sherry also worked very closely with Dr. Lowe on special projects, i.e., conferences, SAP education and training, community outreach and business development.

Photo of CEO Sherry Roberts
Photo of Clinical Director Dr. James Profit
Photo of President David Liesch

Dr. James L. Profit - Program Director



James L. Profit, Jr. attended Little Rock Hall High school and graduated in 1978.  Shortly after in September 1979, he joined the United States Navy. While in the US Navy he continued his education.   


Dr. Profit was ecclesiastically ordained in 1997 by the country’s oldest Pentecostal organization (Pentecostal Assemblies of the World) as an ordained Pastor in 1998.  After twenty years of arduous military service Dr. Profit was honorably discharged from the United States Navy in September 1999.


Dr. Profit received a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Grace and Truth Apostolic University and received his Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Crenshaw Christian University in June 2012 - both local educational forums in the county of San Diego.  Dr. Profit has also earned a Doctorate from United Graduate Colleges and Seminary in Christian Psychotherapy in May 2014, as well as, receiving an Honorary Doctorate from New Gate College in Addiction Counseling in January 2016.  He is a Licensed Clinical Chaplin, Licensed Advance Addiction Drug Counselor, and was Lead Counselor for Scripps McDonald Center for almost eighteen years. In addition, Dr. Profit also functioned as a Counselor IV for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Intensive Outpatient Program in San Diego.  Dr. Profit is a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, and Administrator for California Consortium Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), educating and interning counselors to become active working counselors.  He is an active board member of Association of Christian Drug and Alcohol Institute.

David Liesch - President

Early on, David’s father shared with him one of the secrets of life… “Learn how to help people solve their problems, and you will be successful at whatever you do.”  These choice words have directed David’s path in many of life’s circumstances. 


One of David’s greatest callings was being part of The Jericho Project, which is an outreach program helping individuals afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as suicide prevention. This program consisted of a Strength Team that held large, public events, displaying feats of physical strength, including breaking stacks of bricks with his bare hands, bending bars, snapping baseball bats, ripping phonebooks, and blowing fire… oftentimes inspiring others to overcome the impossible… to break their addictions and thoughts of suicide.  David also currently volunteers with (TIP) since 2014.  Through TIP, he has been meeting people at their greatest time of need.  He is trained to intervene with survivors of trauma, i.e., death of a family member or loved one, and to prevent secondary injury to those arriving on scene.  Lastly, in the early 2000’s, David owned and managed 8 sober living properties, providing a safe environment for hundreds of sober living clients, working towards healthy lifestyle changes, maintaining their sobriety, and returning to society as productive, healthy individuals.


In all of the above listed capacities, David found that the underlying core motive that drives him, is that we are all here on earth to help one another.

Ky Washington - Case Manager


Ky Washington has worked in the field of substance abuse services over thirty years. His journey began in the Windy City of Chicago in 1976. Since the onset, he has been committed to helping individuals with substance abuse related problems get the help they need. His willingness to learn and gain knowledge has allowed him to excel in the substance abuse field, providing treatment, intervention, and addressing the recovery process. He has served in multiple roles to include, case manager, senior lead counselor, and HIV/AIDS educator.

Ky’s education attributes: He attended Harold Washington College, Loop College, and Central College in Chicago, IL. Ky currently enrolled at California Coast University at San Diego, CA– He is pursuing his degree in Behavioral Psychology. He holds credentials as a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, and a Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor.

Ky is a founder, President, and CEO of New Concepts in Recovery. His organization has been in operation since 2010. As a substance abuse professional, he provides clinical assessments, evaluations, and referral for treatment and follow-up.  

Therapist Ky Washington

Jenni Profit - Lead Counselor


Jenni Profit graduated high school in Washington State and transitioned immediately into the United States Army working in the medical field. Upon completion of her military commitment, Jenni attended the University of Hawaii and studied physiology and sports medicine, developing the very first military rediness "Fit Kit" program for NAS Pearl Harbor, for personnel struggling with weight and fitness issues.


Serving the community for twenty three years with directing health clubs to working with professional sports athletes earning certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Spinning, Pilates, as well as diabetes and Post Cardiac Rehabilitation Counseling. Wanting to continue servicing the San Diego community in the behavioral health and addiction population, was a deep desire of Jenni's, changing the direction of her professional career.


Jenni Profit is co-owner of Living Epistles Services LLC, providing varied education in Alcohol/Drugs, Parenting/High Conflict Custody, Co-Dependency, Anger Management and Domestic Violence. Jenni has been counseling passionately alcohol/drug clients for the last eight years. She is State Certified with a CATC1, CAODC, RAS, CDAAC, and Dual-Diagnosis certifications all from different organizations. Jenni also works with multiple law firms throughout the San Diego area, as well San Diego Superior Courts.


"No problem can be solved from the same level of conscienceness that created it." Albert Einstein

Senior Therapist Jenni Profit

Orion Spencer - Chief Information Officer Consultant

MCSE, CAPM, MCP, A+, Network+

As an independent Information Technology Consultant, Orion Spencer brings a wealth of technical knowledge and business acumen to the Bridges team, driving successful metrics from the company's very beginning.  Over the last twenty five years, Orion has functioned in numerous capacities within the Information Technology arena, gaining exposure to a wide array of business sectors, processes, and system platforms. 


From engineering complex data-center migrations in the U.K., operating as a technical Regional Manager for half of the lower 48 states, to the IT project management of over (100) successful remote office mobilizations across Canada and the United States for numerous Fortune 500 companies - Orion has extensive knowledge of both the systems and technical processes that are required to support thriving businesses, as well as the detailed project management skills required to successfully execute on time and under budget.


 Long ago Orion learned the value of a healthy lifestyle and is a passionate outdoorsman.  Born in Alaska, Orion grew up fishing, hiking, and skiing in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet.  At sixteen, Orion was introduced to photography - a passion that continues today, only in a more exciting and modern way!  Orion Spencer is the Founder and CEO of Dreamscape Aerial Imaging, and is also an FAA certified drone operator!


"See the things that you want, as already yours.  Know that they will come to you at need.  Then let them come.  Don't fret and worry about them.  Don't think about your lack of them.  Think of them as yours, as belonging to you, as already in your possession." - Robert Collier   

Director of Technology Orion Spencer
Chief Financial Officer Sara Liesch

Sara Liesch - Secretary & Treasurer

Sara Liesch has been with the Bridges of San Diego since its inception.  Prior to joining The Bridges, Liesch owned and operated a thriving real estate company for over 20 years.  Sara personally managed all accounting and financial planning aspects of the business, including the oversight of over twenty million dollars worth of real estate assets.


Liesch graduated with a BA in Business Administration.