Ways an Addiction Program in San Diego Can Help

addiction program San Diego

Addiction is a serious issue that many struggle with. But despite its widespread affliction, not many people take advantage of the benefits of addiction treatment. An addiction program in San Diego can help you regain control of your life and build the healthier future you deserve. Once you understand how an addiction program can better your life, you’ll be able to seek treatment with the confidence that you’re making the right decision for yourself and your loved ones. 

How an Addiction Program in San Diego Works

To understand how addiction programs help you, you need to first understand how they function. Addiction treatment has grown exponentially in recent years, and it’s much more effective and healthier. It’s best to throw out any expectations and biases you may have about treatment programs and focus on how they can benefit you.

Compassionate Care

Unlike previous addiction programs, treatment in San Diego these days understands addiction for what it is: a mental health disorder. Your team of trained medical professionals will treat you and your treatment with the care and compassion you deserve. Instead of using shame or guilt to try to treat addiction, addiction programs in San Diego now use knowledge and understanding to help each individual overcome their struggles.

Focus on Underlying Issues

For many, addiction is simply one part of a bigger issue. There are many different factors that can increase a person’s chances of forming an addiction, such as genetic predispositions, underlying mental health disorders, and environmental situations. Knowing the underlying reason behind an addiction is key to finding the right path needed to move forward.

Adjustable Schedule

Most addiction centers understand the importance of maintaining your regular life and schedule while undergoing treatment. Past results have proven that being able to return to your home or sober living environment after treatment helps prevent future relapses. By maintaining your work schedule, attending classes, and taking care of your family during treatment, you can better understand the difficulties you face outside of your program. This allows you to focus your treatment on healthy coping mechanisms that keep your addiction at bay in the future.

How an Addiction Program in San Diego Helps You

Some of the benefits of an addiction program in San Diego should be obvious by now. But there are many other ways addiction treatment helps you build the healthier future of your dreams. Not only can an addiction treatment center help improve your life, but it also helps your loved ones who want to help support your recovery journey.

A Lifetime of Support

Even after you finish your treatment program, you aren’t fully left on your own. Treatment centers provide robust alumni programs that you can join to help continue supporting you as you live your new, sober life. Those in your group sessions during treatment can become a wonderful support system, and alumni programs allow you to maintain contact with your peers and your treatment team long after you’ve completed your program. By staying involved with your treatment center, you gain a lifetime of support.

Relapse Assistance

No matter how effective a treatment program is, relapse is an unfortunate reality that many face. But just because you fall off the wagon once doesn’t mean you’re back to square one. Being part of an addiction program in San Diego means being part of a community that will understand and support your setbacks as much as they celebrate your victories. Knowing you have a supportive and compassionate team of addiction specialists to help you get back on track makes moving past a relapse infinitely easier. 

Support for Friends and Family

When you struggle with an addiction, you aren’t the only one affected. Our loved ones can also face an emotional toll while supporting us through treatment. But they shouldn’t have to deal with their own grief alone. Most treatment centers have support groups for friends and family members of those who suffer from addiction. These groups help educate and provide emotional relief for your home support group. Not only do they have a safe space to work out their own struggles, but they also learn more effective ways to support your recovery goals while protecting themselves as well.

addiction program San Diego

Types of Addiction Programs in San Diego

When seeking addiction treatment for the first time, there are two main types of programs that have proven to be the most effective.

Intensive Outpatient

In an intensive outpatient program, you attend three to five sessions a week for six weeks. Sessions are three hours long and are offered both during the day and in the early evening. You can mix and match your sessions to fit with your schedule.

Partial Hospitalization

In a partial hospitalization program, you attend two sessions a day, five days a week, at the treatment center, staying on the premises during the day. This program is designed to provide additional medical and therapeutic support for those who struggle with heavy withdrawal symptoms or who may not have a strong support system outside of the program.

When you first contact your treatment center, you’ll have an initial assessment meeting. During this meeting, you and your addiction management specialist will discuss your struggles with addiction and the specifics of your case. This can help them suggest a treatment program that will work best for you.

Where to Find an Addiction Program in San Diego

If you struggle with addiction, you don’t have to struggle alone. At The Bridges of San Diego, we’re dedicated to helping everyone build the healthy and sober future they deserve. If you’re looking for an effective and compassionate addiction program in San Diego, give us a call today at 619-639-1458. We’ll work with you, your insurance company, and scholarship opportunities to ensure you can afford the quality addiction treatment you deserve.