What Is Drug Rehab in San Diego Like?

drug rehab San Diego

When suffering from addiction, it can be hard to know what steps you need to take to help overcome it. With a lot of misinformation and stereotypes out there in the world, it’s difficult to understand exactly how drug rehab in San Diego works. Far from what you might see on TV or read in books, addiction rehab is based on compassionate care and education backed by science. When you go to rehab, you leave with a better understanding of your addiction and the tools needed to stay sober.

What Drug Rehab in San Diego Is Really Like

When most people think of rehab, they often picture what is actually a detox center. While detoxing can be beneficial to help some individuals reach sobriety, it’s not a long-term solution. Even if detox is successful, completion of a drug rehab program is crucial to helping maintain sobriety.

Flexible Scheduling

Rehab isn’t something that can be done in a weekend. To truly increase your odds of achieving a healthier life, you’ll need to complete a full program for at least six weeks. Of course, that’s a lot of time to be away from work obligations, school, or family. That’s why drug rehab in San Diego is designed around the working adult’s schedule. While some programs do require additional time, most outpatient rehab programs are only three hours a day. With sessions offered both during the day and in the early evening, you can schedule your treatment around your responsibilities. Studies have shown that by maintaining your routine daily schedule while undergoing treatment, you have a better chance of staying sober once your program is complete.

A Focus on Education

Rehab isn’t just about getting sober; it’s about staying sober, too. Many individuals find themselves relapsing because they don’t know what triggers their addiction. Therefore, they don’t know what to avoid. During your treatment program, you’ll learn about all the different factors that can affect your addiction. Factors could include things such as:

  • A genetic predisposition toward addiction
  • Your living environment
  • Social pressures
  • An underlying mental health disorder

When you learn more about your addiction and why you suffer from it, you can start to focus your attention on healthy coping mechanisms to avoid it. There’s no one solution that will work for everyone, but knowing what kind of solution to look for can certainly help you get started.

Strong Community

Overcoming an addiction isn’t easy, and many find that having a strong support group can lessen the burden. But not everyone has friends and family they can rely on outside of their program. That’s why many drug rehab programs focus on group sessions and building a strong community. By having others around you who can understand your struggles, you can feel more validated in your experiences and find new ways of thinking about your addiction.

drug rehab San Diego

Once a treatment program is complete, it’s easy to feel lost and alone again. This is why most treatment centers have some kind of alumni program you can join. This program helps you stay in contact with your peers and treatment team even if you’re not attending regular sessions. By staying connected to your support group, you can find an easier time maintaining your sobriety.

Support for Loved Ones

When you suffer from an addiction, you’re often not the only one affected. Close friends and family members can struggle right alongside you. Unfortunately, most people not affected by addiction don’t always understand the best way to support their loved ones. They can either negate work done with a negative attitude, or they can put themselves in harm’s way while trying to support those they care about. Many treatment centers these days offer support groups and educational material for friends and families of addicts. These resources help loved ones understand addiction and how to support those they love while protecting their own interests at the same time.

Affordable Treatment

Many shy away from rehab because they think they won’t be able to afford it. But the more the scientific community understands addiction as a mental health disorder, the more insurance and third parties are willing to help. Many insurance companies will offer partial or even full coverage for drug rehab. And if you aren’t covered by insurance, there are plenty of scholarships and sponsorship opportunities you can apply to for financial aid. Your rehab center will want you to get the best care possible as soon as possible. So, if you’re worried about the cost of treatment, contact them right away to see what financial assistance is available.

Compassionate Care

With all the work being done to understand addiction as a health issue, people still carry a negative stigma about addicts. But rehab centers are filled with compassionate and caring team members who understand the challenges you may be facing. Even if you’ve relapsed, you’ll find nothing but compassion and care when you go in for rehab. With a trained and educated medical and clerical staff, you can trust that you’re putting your treatment in capable and understanding hands.

Where to Get Drug Rehab in San Diego

If you suffer from a drug addiction, you don’t have to suffer alone. At The Bridges of San Diego, we’re here to help you overcome your addiction and build a healthier life for yourself. We offer a variety of drug rehab programs in San Diego, including intensive outpatient programs and chronic relapse programs. If you’re ready to get and stay sober, give us a call at 619-639-1458 to learn more about our treatment options.