What to Expect from an Addiction Treatment Center

addiction treatment center

Addiction is a powerful and debilitating illness that affects many people. Seeking help is an important step toward overcoming addiction. Yet many don’t take that step due to fear of the unknown. Addiction treatment hasn’t always been handled properly, and it’s understandable why someone might avoid going to an addiction treatment center. But once you know what to expect from modern alcohol and drug addiction treatment, you can feel more at ease in seeking the help you need for the life you deserve.

How an Addiction Treatment Center Works

The more you know about the process of addiction treatment, the better you’ll feel about going through it yourself. When you first contact an addiction treatment center, you’ll have an initial assessment appointment. This appointment is crucial for your medical team to get you into the right program for your addiction. Once enrolled in a program, you’ll have the tools and support you need to overcome your addiction.

Compassionate Care

Addiction itself wasn’t always understood, and even today, we’re still learning more about how our brains are affected by it. Unfortunately, our lack of understanding can lead to judgment. But at your addiction treatment center, you don’t have to worry about being judged. Your medical team understands addiction and the difficulties that come with getting sober. You’ll find nothing but compassion and understanding as you build yourself a healthier life. Even if you relapse, you’ll find kind and considerate professionals who will always be there to help you get back up again.

Education Backed by Science

While we’re still learning about addiction day by day, the knowledge we do have can be a powerful tool for overcoming any struggle. The more you know about the reasoning behind your addiction, the better equipped you are to prevent it from taking over. There are many reasons one might succumb to addiction, including genetic predisposition and underlying mental health issues. By learning about these in your addiction treatment program, you can get a handle on your addiction and find healthy coping mechanisms for moving forward.

Alumni Benefits

Finishing your addiction treatment program is a success on its own. Getting sober is never easy, and it’s certainly something to celebrate. But many people find themselves struggling to stay sober after the influence of the program is gone. That’s why many addiction treatment centers these days offer alumni programs for those who graduate. These programs help provide additional support and community after the initial treatment is over. By staying involved with the treatment center, many individuals find it easier to maintain their sobriety and continue living a healthy life.

addiction treatment center

Support for Friends and Family

Unfortunately, addiction doesn’t just impact those who are directly affected by it. Friends and family members can also suffer from watching the person they love struggle with addiction. While going through an addiction treatment program yourself can help you, friends and family support groups can help those closest to you as well. Having a good support system at home is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain sobriety. So, when your loved ones enroll in a support group, they also learn about addiction and how to deal with it so they can protect themselves while supporting your journey toward sobriety.

Types of Programs at an Addiction Treatment Center

When you have your initial assessment, you’ll be able to discuss your specific struggles and find a program that fits your needs. Every individual is different, and not all programs will help all addictions. Finding the right program for you is crucial if you want the best odds of success in achieving a healthy life.

Outpatient Programs

An outpatient program is one of the most popular options for many reasons. First, it only requires a few hours of your time a week. Sessions run for three hours, and you’ll only need to attend three to five sessions, depending on your situation. Sessions are offered both during the day and the early evening. You can mix and match these sessions to fit perfectly with your schedule. An outpatient program allows you to recognize specific struggles with staying clean and focus your sessions on solutions to these problems.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

While it’s still important to return to your home or sober living environment at the end of the day, not everyone can get through treatment without some extra help. Partial hospitalization programs require individuals to stay at the treatment center for the full day, attending two three-hour long sessions each day. The extra time at the addiction treatment center helps those who struggle with strong withdrawal symptoms. It’s also a great source of aid for those who lack a support system at home. 

Chronic Relapse

Relapse is an unfortunate possibility for many. While one or two cases of relapse are to be expected, continuous struggles with staying sober point to a larger issue. Maintaining sobriety can be difficult, and for those who suffer chronic relapse, a separate program is available. The chronic relapse program is run separately from others, allowing members to focus their sessions on the specific challenges that come with staying clean. This program also has an extended aftercare benefit, offering six months of check-ins and community involvement to help individuals stay on track as they continue on with their lives.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Center for You

At the Bridges of San Diego, we’re dedicated to helping everyone create the healthy life they deserve. No matter what addiction you struggle with or whether this is your first time or your fifth time seeking treatment, we’re here to help. Our team of medical professionals will treat you with compassion and understanding as we work together to overcome your addiction. Call our addiction treatment center today at 619-639-1458 to schedule your initial assessment. It’s never too soon or too late to start taking control of your life.